The Nine Basic Forest Regions of the Eastern United States


The Service of Pharmacy


America's Most Eendangered Plants


Kuchler's Vegetation Map - Kansas


Interpretation of The Vegetation of Wisconsin


Climate of Illinois


Hawaii’s Shrinking Native Plant Habitat Ka’upulehu Dry Forest


Atlas of the Wisconsin Prairie and Savanna Flora
by Theodore S. Cochrane and Hugh H. Iltis


Climates of California


West Coast USA Koppen


Community Garden Boston, MA


Rainfall Map of Mexico


Climate Map of Mexico


Koppen Climate Types Map of Mexico






Bioscience2 (2006)
by Dryer

Deciduous forests


Chinampas - The Floating Gardens of Mexico




Aztec Chinampas of Central America


Wikipedia - Chinampas


NewCROP: the New Crop Resource Online Program
– Perdue University -


Distribution and Ecology of Vascular Plants in a
Tropical Rain Forest Vegetation in Ghana


How to Design a Garden


Edible Plants from the Americas


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